Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RELEASE : Chakra Project - CodeName : Cyrus

Recently release KDE SC 4.6 Beta 1 put Chakra CodeName Ashoc to Stable Version. Ok here's a sneak peek for latest Chakra release CodeName Cyrus. But it not recommended for your daily use, test it on your Virtual Machine or other notebook because it's still far from stable

Chakra CodeName : Cyrus < KDE SC 4.6 BETA 1 >
Here's the list

X-org server staff response to SIS M671 Bugs

It's quite interesting since a big battle for SIS Chipset user < Notebook / Desktop > especially for onboard Graphics Card. The latest patch which is i post it on my old post is compatible until recent kernel so all of you shouldn't have to worry about getting a "black screen" or can't enter X-server for a while.

After quite for a couple of weeks, the SIS Bugs thread in launchpad finally got response from the X-org server staff and decided as Medium Bug. So it's a bright light for SIS user in future? As we know that SIS didn't give any support for Linux.

Here's for the discussion if you are interesting to read and it's started on 25 Nov 2008 :), It's 2years old case without any official solution.

SIS M671 Bugs - Launchpad.net

Minimalist - Openbox

After some journey with almost all Desktop Environment, finally i found something that quite different and refreshing. Hmm.. maybe i'm kindda outdated :P but it's ok. Let's me share you something

- ArchLinux OpenBox TinT2 and conky for sure ^^


For the configuration files if you interest just post the comment ^^

HP Printer installation

Well, it's been a while since my last post. So a couple days ago My girlfriend buy a new HP Deskjet D-1660 for her business. She's running a kubuntu 10.10 with latest update on her EEEPC - 1015P. And the problems begin.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hard Drive issue

I don't know is it just me or other people also felt the same problem. I felt that the recent hard driver product is easy to got a bad sector. It just happen last night when i do a routine check to my Notebooks. Both of them got a bad sector. I dunno what's causing this but i remember back in 2006 i'm using 40GB hard drive from seagate on my PC and never got any Bad sector issue... I lost almost half of my current project and also goddamn big speed decrease....

It's time to hunt another notebook / hard drive i guess....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unity Place People

Recently i'm quite bussy while compiling some stuff and waiting response from KDE Translator team for approval to contribute as a native translator. Just now i'm reading my blogroll and found something quite interesting regarding unity project in ubuntu.

Many people still feel uncomfortable with unity GUI, including me. But there's one feature that makes me thinking about it again. The feature called " Unity Place People "

Based on information from OMGubuntu

Unity Place People feature
  1. Get chat activity from zeitgeist
  2. Get contacts from Folks
  3. Assign sections & groups
Here's the sneak peek from Unity Place People

Unity Place People

Friday, November 19, 2010

Common Video Playback Issue

I just realize that almost every day many people from local forum / international forum is questioning regarding video playback issue. It's happening in Gnome Desktop environment, and never have any playback issue in KDE. So for who use Gnome DE i would like to share a small tips.

If you use VLC as you main video player :

1. Go to VLC preferences
2. Find the "Video Output" Tab on the Left side
3. Change video output to "X11" / "XV" Save and try which one is working for you.

If you use Native Media Player :
1. Open terminal
2. Type #gstreamer-properties
3. GUI will show up, you can find a video output Tab. Change it into "X11"/"XV". You can test directly before you close it.

PS :
- Make sure that you already install all necessary codecs to play the Video
- If you too lazy to set the output video, just disable you compositing


Thursday, November 18, 2010

SIS M671 on Linux

If you like to see an old fairy tales movies or old documentary movies with never ending problems and unresolved ending, you will know that SIS and Linux is like water and oil....

Both facing a hard way to "cooperate" or at leach support one each other, maybe because a different mindset from the hardware company and making a decision not to support open source.

After all, lucky that in Linux we have a community. So i have some small solution for all issue with SIS, especially to make it Run on Native Resolution. 

Ok here we go.

What you need is download this file first : http://db.tt/vH7GMYP
In that file is included the xorg.conf file for 1366x768 Resolution, so user with 1280x800 resolution don't have to use the configuration files inside the archive.

first open your terminal / konsole and type

#sudo nautilus
#sudo dolphin
#sudo thunar

extract the downloaded file and then
copy sisimedia_drv.so to folder /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/

Now we going to replace the configuration file, just simply
copy xorg.conf into folder /etc/X11/

and here's small note for 1280x800 user :
after copying your xorg.conf, open it with your text editor and then delete this line

Option         "UseTiming1366" "yes"

after finish doing all the stuff close the file manager, go back to terminal and press  CTRL+C.

Reboot your computer / notebook and enjoy your new enhanced display.

This driver has been tested on :

- Ubuntu 10.10 with 2.6.35 kernel ( All debian and ubuntu devirate is compatible )
- Chakra Ashoc with 2.6.36 kernel

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Folder Name Issue in Linux

Last night, i was encountered a silly problem with CInstall in Chakra KDE. The program can't install and find any Bundle Package. I got and hit IRC to find an answer with the develop teams. They all a little bit confuse and don't understand why this problem happen.

The error show like this

#cinstall -b <PackageName>.cb

No such file or directory

The main problem is a folder name. Which is a problem if you have a space for your folder name. For example in CLi if you want to go inside the folder "Example Content"

# cd ~/Example\ Content

I guess that's bad folder naming is causing the program confuse to find a path to execute the application. So for advice

Don't use a space for your name folder in Linux. You will easy to navigate using CLi and also will not face any problem like mine ^^.

Chakra Project - KDE 4.5.3

I want to share a quite interesting experience here.... I'm a noob in Linux community. I'm using linux for a month. First experience and impression in Linux world is interesting. So many different things and lot of point of view from different people.

My first Linux distribution is Ubuntu. I have an interesting experience with ubuntu community regarding my graphic card issue in Linux. After a short journey in Ubuntu ( Lucky i'm a fast learner so i can find quickly the diff between almost all major distribution ) i prefer to find another Distribution.

First i was interest with Slackware & Archlinux... After a couple hours of reading and try to understand the package system, i choose Archlinux for my next Distribution. Unfortunately i have a problem with "Net" Installation method. Since i'm using a mobile broadband connection which is quite hard for me to integrate the modem during CLi Installation.

Going all over the net, do some google search and found one intersting site regarding GTK Free project. I try to download the .iso from Chakra Project. Facing some problem when installing *issue with my Graphic Card like usual. But finally i found my new home.

Chakra have a warm community, it's small but you can find anything in there. You can request all your favorite stuff, also got the fast response from them. This experience is new for me. Well i'm guessing to keep stick with Chakra for an undedicated time. I try to contribute as Translator and hope this project will growth as big as other major distribution.

Two Thumbs up for all Chakra Team