Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RELEASE : Chakra Project - CodeName : Cyrus

Recently release KDE SC 4.6 Beta 1 put Chakra CodeName Ashoc to Stable Version. Ok here's a sneak peek for latest Chakra release CodeName Cyrus. But it not recommended for your daily use, test it on your Virtual Machine or other notebook because it's still far from stable

Chakra CodeName : Cyrus < KDE SC 4.6 BETA 1 >
Here's the list

Kernel is based on aufs 2.1-36-2010-11-22.

NVidia legacy
Both legacy drivers got updated to support xorg19.

ATI Issue fixed
Thanks flies out to Anke and Ilumi for pointing me into the right direction fixing the ATI-Issue we had with Compositing is disabled for ATI FOSS drivers also on installed system.

Compositing is disabled by default for a while to fix shadow bug of kickoff menu also on installed system. If you have big black borders around the kickoff menu or notification messages (mostly on intel hardware) go to "System Settings > Desktop Effects > Advanced" and change "Compositing type" to "XRender" which might slow down alot.

Chakra GNU/Linux uses Larch8 series now. We changed it just minimal. Most is the original larch8 by Michael Towers.

This image is gtk2 free, so you will miss flashplugin in this image. Also you can't start nvidia-settings since it needs gtk2 too. Use nvidia-xconfig instead. You can always install missing packages with pacman/cinstall from our repositories. Read more about gtk-freeness here.

Debug Packages
Now you can install debug-packages for KDE SC again. Just type this cmd: sudo pacman -Sy kde-debug

Log Packages
Now you can install log-packages for KDE SC again. Just type this cmd: sudo pacman -Sy chakra-log



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