Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chakra Project - KDE 4.5.3

I want to share a quite interesting experience here.... I'm a noob in Linux community. I'm using linux for a month. First experience and impression in Linux world is interesting. So many different things and lot of point of view from different people.

My first Linux distribution is Ubuntu. I have an interesting experience with ubuntu community regarding my graphic card issue in Linux. After a short journey in Ubuntu ( Lucky i'm a fast learner so i can find quickly the diff between almost all major distribution ) i prefer to find another Distribution.

First i was interest with Slackware & Archlinux... After a couple hours of reading and try to understand the package system, i choose Archlinux for my next Distribution. Unfortunately i have a problem with "Net" Installation method. Since i'm using a mobile broadband connection which is quite hard for me to integrate the modem during CLi Installation.

Going all over the net, do some google search and found one intersting site regarding GTK Free project. I try to download the .iso from Chakra Project. Facing some problem when installing *issue with my Graphic Card like usual. But finally i found my new home.

Chakra have a warm community, it's small but you can find anything in there. You can request all your favorite stuff, also got the fast response from them. This experience is new for me. Well i'm guessing to keep stick with Chakra for an undedicated time. I try to contribute as Translator and hope this project will growth as big as other major distribution.

Two Thumbs up for all Chakra Team


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