Friday, November 19, 2010

Common Video Playback Issue

I just realize that almost every day many people from local forum / international forum is questioning regarding video playback issue. It's happening in Gnome Desktop environment, and never have any playback issue in KDE. So for who use Gnome DE i would like to share a small tips.

If you use VLC as you main video player :

1. Go to VLC preferences
2. Find the "Video Output" Tab on the Left side
3. Change video output to "X11" / "XV" Save and try which one is working for you.

If you use Native Media Player :
1. Open terminal
2. Type #gstreamer-properties
3. GUI will show up, you can find a video output Tab. Change it into "X11"/"XV". You can test directly before you close it.

PS :
- Make sure that you already install all necessary codecs to play the Video
- If you too lazy to set the output video, just disable you compositing



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