Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Folder Name Issue in Linux

Last night, i was encountered a silly problem with CInstall in Chakra KDE. The program can't install and find any Bundle Package. I got and hit IRC to find an answer with the develop teams. They all a little bit confuse and don't understand why this problem happen.

The error show like this

#cinstall -b <PackageName>.cb

No such file or directory

The main problem is a folder name. Which is a problem if you have a space for your folder name. For example in CLi if you want to go inside the folder "Example Content"

# cd ~/Example\ Content

I guess that's bad folder naming is causing the program confuse to find a path to execute the application. So for advice

Don't use a space for your name folder in Linux. You will easy to navigate using CLi and also will not face any problem like mine ^^.


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