Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chakra 0.3.0 Released - X'Mas Presents for KDE user

Chakra 0.3.0 Released with the latest Tribe. What i can say? Right now i'm downloading the .iso actually. Because my connection is slow like a turtle so can't give you a review regarding this release. But here's the release notes from the development teams.

  • Kernel- with lzma support

  • aufs2-20101206 kernel integrated

  • KDE SC 4.5.4

  • Xorg-Server 1.7.7

  • Catalyst-10.8

  • NVidia-260 and NVidia legacy series

  • exclusive bundle-system (Run'n'Click apps)

  • one of the best live-installers (Tribe)

  • All-in-One package management (Cinstall)

  • Here's a couple of Screenshot, it's still Tribe related SS. The KDE it self didn't change too much ( for themes, etc i mean )

    Release notes

    Create Users section with rich feature

    Choose your display picture on the fly

    Partitioning is much easier

    Add you favorite K-packages on the fly

    Install bundles on the fly... 

    Configure your system before it installed into your HDD

    What can i say?

    Two thumbs up for the team. Thanks for your hardwork! :)


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