Thursday, December 2, 2010

KDE 4.6 Beta 1 - Short Review

Short review and just for reference only

- Search ability in Dolphin is getting better & faster now.
- Rendering font which is one of my problem is disappear, it can render font much better even for GTK application.
- Plasma + Kwin is getting snappier
- Extra effect in Kwin which is mean more stuff for eyecandy lover

Known problem
- Compatibility issue for a couple 4.5 applications.
- Nepomuk & Strigi can suddenly drive your CPU crazy even when you not idle. I guess because the "sense" bug. Normally nepomuk / Strigi only active or indexing when you idle.

Will continue about this later.. ;) Anyway this version is worth to try. Let's wait the next beta release, it's planned to be available later of this week.


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