Friday, December 24, 2010

KDE 4.6 RC 1 - Code Name Chanukkah

X'mas is about an hour and KDE Development team give a sweetest christmas present. Even it's not that perfect since delayed schedule for KDE PIM 4.6 hehe.. so here's a short review about KDE RC 1. What's new, which one is improved and which one is failing :P 

- Faceted browsing in Dolphin. You can search inside files even when you disabled nepomuk <3
- Support for upower, udisks and udev is much better. It's mean Bye bye HAL :P
- Activity Manger for Plasma Desktop, configure your desktop is never this easier :)
- Major optimization kwin in rendering and plugin handling.
- Complex javascripting for window management is better handled by Kwin.
- Faster and snappier of course.

Well i can't describe anything clearly. It's just a short review like usual. You wanna know what it's like and how it's feel? Just try it by yourself :).


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