Friday, December 17, 2010

Opera 11 - Old folks that makes a huge improvement

Before i'm not  a fans of Opera browser. Sometimes i used it on my mobile device, but i never use it for my desktop.  I prefer to use firefox or chromium as my main browser. But i must admit that sometimes, both of it can be a "monster" that eat all my resource. So last night i try to download a latest release from Opera and it changes my mind :) so it's a short review about  new feature from Opera 11.

New Features :
  •  Widget Apps
  • Tab Stacking
  • Safer address field
  • Opera Extension
The most important stuff that people may wait is "ad-block" feature which is can be used now in Opera. So you can block all un-wanted ads. It's work similiar like chromium but you must do this manually, it's mean no subcriptions to adblock.
The other stuff is Tab Stacking... I use it so you can save your space if you open a multiply tab when browse.

Load on demand for flash video also a good one, so it don't eat that much RAM like the other browser. And i must admit that it fast enough, especially if you have a slow connection you can enabled opera turbo feature which can compress an images on the fly.

Try it, safer - faster - lighter


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