Saturday, April 30, 2011

SIS M671 Binary 32BIT - Natty 11.04

Here's the binary, you can do old dirty hack by copy it directly to /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/

Please send a feedback when using it, This binary is a little bit different, so please make sure you don't have any xorg.conf inside your /etc/X11 dir. Or it will not run, but if you have a "unique" resolution, try to configure the xorg.conf.

I will bring up a new binary compiled in natty, also if it possible in .deb package.

Beside creating a deb package which is i'm still dunno how to do it right, i modify an install script from here. Actually, i just modify it a bit :) and using bash instead of sh.

Download the script, extract it, Open terminal and go to the download folder
and then

$sudo ./

Here's the download link

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Place :

Ok, once again i annouce this blog is obselete no more update from now. Go to my New homepage at

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Driver SIS M671 / M672 For upcoming Natty Narthwal / Xorg-Server 1.10

Thanks & Credit to :
Paulo Zaunoni for the patch
Willian Gustavo for the support
AJ. Oliveira for inspiring me to keep using this Hardware
People from Forum-Ubuntu-Indonesia to accompany me all times ( Especially for thrvers & saa7_go )

As you know xorg-server is released just a couple days ago. And also an upcoming release from Ubuntu 11.04. So this driver will work on Ubuntu 11.04, tested and work!

Ps. There's a little bit different from older driver. Old driver we only copy the driver to it directory. So in this one you must configure it by yourself. The positive side is, you don't have to mess up with xorg.conf again.
I assume you already know how to build a package and have all needed package for this build

Build - Package
- git
- xorg-dev
- mesa-common-dev
- libdrm-dev
- libtool
i forgot the other package name, just remind me if i need to put other -dev packages.

This sources already pre-patched by me so you don't have to patch it again. The patch folder is for all of you who want to help keeping this driver alive for further. Let's fire up the terminal and start the build

$ git clone git://
$ cd xf86-video-sismedia-0.9.1
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-static
$ make
$ sudo make install

Reboot! and you done.

There's some special notice for user with 1366x768 resolution, you need to put this line on xorg.conf ( just make one if it not exist)

Section "Device"
    Identifier     "Configured Video Device"
    Option         "UseTiming1366" "yes"

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier     "Configured Monitor"

Section "Screen"
    Identifier     "Default Screen"
    Monitor        "Configured Monitor"
    Device         "Configured Video Device"
Ok, that's all.. I hope that you can enjoy this release. Thanks once again for Paulo zaunoni for this patch.. I really owe you a lot. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Solver Manifesto

The Solvers'

by Nuno Simaria | February 13th 2011
We, programmers who have learned how to combine fonts, shapes and colors so you could offer your client a professional looking interface. We,designers who have learned how to edit video and mix audio so you could have an effective commercial for your company. We, AV technicians who have learned how to build a webpage so you could have your trailer on the internet without spending a dime.
We are here.
We are not programmers. They don't have to make banners based on your nephew’s drawing. We are not designers. They don't have to know how to post-produce a film. We are not AV technicians. They don't have to worry about validating your 30 field form using JavaScript so you can sell your movie online.
We are many.
Yet, we still don't know what we are. We are not multimedia engineers, because we are not engineers. We are not IT experts. Experts don't get paid two beers and a cheeseburger. We are not art directors, they get a lot more respect.
We are not jobless, yet there is no name for what we do. And because of that, our craft hasn't earned any respect. We are not the computer guy. We are not the girl that knows how to draw. We are not the smart intern.
We are multi taskers.
We are fast learners.
We are good listeners.
We are self taught.
We are good people, because we care about your problems, and we fix them.
We are solvers.
We know how to do anything. If we don't know how to do it, we know how to go about getting it done. And if that doesn't work either, we know a lot more people like us. A solver that will help us, and will teach us how to do it.
We learn from each other.
We help each other.
We teach each other.
We recognize each other.
We are a tribe.
We don't care about your corporative lingo, as you don't care about our obscure movie references. We don't care about your suits, as you don't care about our t-shirts with geeky puns. But we respect you, and you should respect us. Like you respect a doctor, a teacher, a mechanic or a plumber. You wouldn't second guess a doctor. You wouldn't tell a mechanic to "keep that part, its old but I like it that way".
Some of us are big time CEOs, some of us have earned some credit in small circles, usually populated by people like ourselves. But most of us are exploited, doing odd jobs for you just because we are the only ones that know how to do it.
You can't graduate on what we do. We can't teach you how to do it.
We are curious, critics of our job, thinkers. We have learned from many people and we've tried and erred until we got it. We are persistent. We work when you've left. We are experts in nothing, yet we know a great deal about almost anything.
We are Solvers. That's what we do. We solve your problems. As fast as we can.
We are Solvers. We like what we do.
Just show some appreciation once in a while.

Quoted from

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are you a distro shopper?

  1. Are you a distro shopper? 
  2. You confuse to choose which linux distribution that suit your need?
  3. Are you still searching what will be your "stopper"?
Take a small test from this < Distro Shopper > ^^, it's quite fun lolz...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Linux Compatibility Hardware database from Canonical Ltd.

We must say thanks to Canonical and also  Ubuntu community to help spread the words for Open Source. Just when Nokia decided to stick with Microsoft and abandon Meego Project, Canonical make an announcement about they hardware database which is compatible for ubuntu and also all Linux Distribution. So it's mean that people now can choose the hardware before they install Linux.

Well, it's seem the future of Open Source is getting brighter, and also people will much more easier migrate and using Linux as they main OS. So what we can do as a part of Linux community? Spread the words, and keep friendly for all new comers in Linux world. Don't act like we are super smart human and people who not yet use Linux is a dumb :) that's a very wrong perspective ^^...

Two thumbs up for canonical! Once again, thank you for the innovation & evolution for promoting Linux to the world :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Save your Hard Drive before it fails!!

First, you will notice that you got a significant improvement speed while using Linux. This case isn't only happen in one distribution, but almost all. I just realize a couple minutes ago while seeing some errors from my new Hard Drive. This drive is still less than 2month with operational hours around 20hrs / day.

I realize that my Drive is quite hot but i thought it was normal. But when i saw an error i take a look at kernel config and all configuration that related to hard drive.

Ok, let's go straight to the point. By default Linux set the Advanced Power Management for Hard Drive at 254 or it's mean in a very high performance. It's mean also cut your hard drive age without any notification at all. Tools that you need to avoid this is hdparm. It's available in all distribution. Let's see a comparation before and after using hdparm. I'm sorry i can't provide the screenshot but you can try it and see the result.

Before using hdparm i've got a HDD temperature between 39-42 Celcius.  After change the APM to the lowest level, i've got the temperature decrease for more than 5 Degree. So it's between 32-35 Celcius. To gain this you must install hdparm and laptop-mode-tools for optional. And change the configuration in it. Because by default, laptop-mode also still keep APM at highest level. I can't see any different in speed when lower down the APM value. 

Here's the simple bash script, you can put it on your autostart programs.

sudo hdparm -B 10 /dev/sda

Simple isn't it? But it can save your dollar ^^ 

Tmux - Small & Useful

Maybe you already heard and using 'screen' for a long time. For a new linux user, screen is a terminal multiplexer and act as a daemon / server. Well i'm using screen for about less than 2weeks before i know tmux. It's mean that you can have an extra workspaces to do your job. Imagine that you can run more than 1 session inside 1 terminal :). Well it's not useful at all if you never touch or use a terminal / command line. If you interesting to see my tmux configuration. Just go to my github and use it as reference, and if you have a much better config than mine. Please share it with me ^^

My desktop is running xmonad-darcs, urxvt, and some stuff like irssi. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

SIS M671 on Natty Alpha 2

I just finish downloading Natty-Alpha 2 from torrent. I do this just to test if our current driver will work on this release or not. Since Natty will using different version of xorg-server. So i dd the iso to my thumbdrive boot it.

1. The default vesa driver already detected the card and set the resolution @1024x768
2. No more flickering issue.

Ok, here's the bad news. The xorg-server didn't detect the driver and can't open the display. I'm testing using 2 available driver "sisimedia" & "sis671_drv". Both failed, the module isn't prepared for natty xorg-server.

Let's see if we can do something on this issue. So the statement is

Our current driver ISN'T compatible on Natty and all distro that using xorg-server 1.10

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SIS M671 / M672 Driver, News Update Feb '11

I will keep posting here especially for M671 / M672 stuff, Here's the current update

  1. Not yet got a response from xorg team and they dropped the status for this Bug to Medium in launchpad.
  2. I'm running on latest release of xorg server and everything works fine.
  3. Latest kernel 2.6.38 also works well without any complaint.
I will keep update if there's other stuff regarding this driver. If you planning to use it until natty warthwal ( for ubuntu users ) i guess it will work. Because they were working for 2D unity using QT Engine which is playing nice with SIS IMHO.


Thursday, January 27, 2011


No Hard feeling, I had a lot of great time posting using Blogger services
I must move from this services, so for people who like to read my post can follow me to my new blog

4.6 KDE -- Party Time!

It's  a wondefull moment for KDE lovers, Final Release for KDE Software Compilation 4.6 Many new enchantment and features in this release. One of my Favorite is faceted browsing for dolphin, so you will never "lost track" for your files again.

The other stuff is "HAL" free enviroment, and everythings work like a charm, but honestly it's not a right moment yet to claim this release as a perfect KDE release. Another development for 4.7 also already started. Major enchantment also for Kwin, give more eyecandy and elegant feeling, even if you using a low end graphic card like me ^^,

Overall, i must say that i'm quite satisfied. Anyway my alternate project is eat all my time lately but i will let you know soon, what i'm doing "behind the kitchen" lately.

Enjoy the compilation and.. I'm proude to be  KDE user

Thursday, January 20, 2011

SIS M671 64BIT Driver

As i promises yesterday, here's the Driver for SIS M672/M671. It will work for X86-64 / 64BIT Architecture. Unfortunately, i still can posting for old version of this driver that will run on Xorg Server 1.7

For xorg server 1.10 which is will be released soon, i still can't guarantee the compatibility, But at least until now it still run smooth on my machine. No more talking, you can download the driver from Here:

For the configuration or how to set it up, please refer to my first post in this blog, don't be lazy to read ok? It only eat you time less than 5minutes to get it done. 

GitHub - Octocat Wallpaper

Some of you maybe using github, or maybe not. But in other hand no matter you using github or not. I want to share this wallpaper. It's nice for your device or desktop. No rubbish talk anymore, here's the link

Thanks to Bryan Veloso for this wallpaper.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SIS M671 3D? Yes or No?

Recently i just read and communicate with my fella from Brazil. Accidentally i read a comment which is someone is trying to contact and got an answer from Baros Lee, which is a man who working at SIS company. Here's the quote. I Translate it using google translate, the original article is in English.

Dear Sir, 

Here is the 2d driver for Ubuntu 10.04
If you are using vesa driver now, You may change your resolution to lower resolution such as 1024x768 first.
Then just copy sis_drv .* to / usr / lib / xorg / modules / drivers /
And restart X or reboot.

Recently, SiS ask me to Develop new 3d driver for linux, so I just porting 2d driver to ubuntu 10.04
If you find some bugs of 2d driver, I will fix it in my free time, maybe.

Best Regards
Lee Barros

( original article )

All we can do is wait and pray :), let's hope this one can be true.

Is there anyone running a 64BIT edition on SIS chipset? I will published a 64BIT edition that will support until latest xorg and kernel. But NO 3D :), i will post the 64BIT driver tomorrow.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Github :)

It's been a while, and i just want to share with you guys all configs file that i use. You can use it as reference. Just go to my github page .