Thursday, January 20, 2011

SIS M671 64BIT Driver

As i promises yesterday, here's the Driver for SIS M672/M671. It will work for X86-64 / 64BIT Architecture. Unfortunately, i still can posting for old version of this driver that will run on Xorg Server 1.7

For xorg server 1.10 which is will be released soon, i still can't guarantee the compatibility, But at least until now it still run smooth on my machine. No more talking, you can download the driver from Here:

For the configuration or how to set it up, please refer to my first post in this blog, don't be lazy to read ok? It only eat you time less than 5minutes to get it done. 

GitHub - Octocat Wallpaper

Some of you maybe using github, or maybe not. But in other hand no matter you using github or not. I want to share this wallpaper. It's nice for your device or desktop. No rubbish talk anymore, here's the link

Thanks to Bryan Veloso for this wallpaper.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SIS M671 3D? Yes or No?

Recently i just read and communicate with my fella from Brazil. Accidentally i read a comment which is someone is trying to contact and got an answer from Baros Lee, which is a man who working at SIS company. Here's the quote. I Translate it using google translate, the original article is in English.

Dear Sir, 

Here is the 2d driver for Ubuntu 10.04
If you are using vesa driver now, You may change your resolution to lower resolution such as 1024x768 first.
Then just copy sis_drv .* to / usr / lib / xorg / modules / drivers /
And restart X or reboot.

Recently, SiS ask me to Develop new 3d driver for linux, so I just porting 2d driver to ubuntu 10.04
If you find some bugs of 2d driver, I will fix it in my free time, maybe.

Best Regards
Lee Barros

( original article )

All we can do is wait and pray :), let's hope this one can be true.

Is there anyone running a 64BIT edition on SIS chipset? I will published a 64BIT edition that will support until latest xorg and kernel. But NO 3D :), i will post the 64BIT driver tomorrow.