Thursday, January 27, 2011

4.6 KDE -- Party Time!

It's  a wondefull moment for KDE lovers, Final Release for KDE Software Compilation 4.6 Many new enchantment and features in this release. One of my Favorite is faceted browsing for dolphin, so you will never "lost track" for your files again.

The other stuff is "HAL" free enviroment, and everythings work like a charm, but honestly it's not a right moment yet to claim this release as a perfect KDE release. Another development for 4.7 also already started. Major enchantment also for Kwin, give more eyecandy and elegant feeling, even if you using a low end graphic card like me ^^,

Overall, i must say that i'm quite satisfied. Anyway my alternate project is eat all my time lately but i will let you know soon, what i'm doing "behind the kitchen" lately.

Enjoy the compilation and.. I'm proude to be  KDE user


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