Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tmux - Small & Useful

Maybe you already heard and using 'screen' for a long time. For a new linux user, screen is a terminal multiplexer and act as a daemon / server. Well i'm using screen for about less than 2weeks before i know tmux. It's mean that you can have an extra workspaces to do your job. Imagine that you can run more than 1 session inside 1 terminal :). Well it's not useful at all if you never touch or use a terminal / command line. If you interesting to see my tmux configuration. Just go to my github and use it as reference, and if you have a much better config than mine. Please share it with me ^^

My desktop is running xmonad-darcs, urxvt, and some stuff like irssi. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

SIS M671 on Natty Alpha 2

I just finish downloading Natty-Alpha 2 from torrent. I do this just to test if our current driver will work on this release or not. Since Natty will using different version of xorg-server. So i dd the iso to my thumbdrive boot it.

1. The default vesa driver already detected the card and set the resolution @1024x768
2. No more flickering issue.

Ok, here's the bad news. The xorg-server didn't detect the driver and can't open the display. I'm testing using 2 available driver "sisimedia" & "sis671_drv". Both failed, the module isn't prepared for natty xorg-server.

Let's see if we can do something on this issue. So the statement is

Our current driver ISN'T compatible on Natty and all distro that using xorg-server 1.10

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SIS M671 / M672 Driver, News Update Feb '11

I will keep posting here especially for M671 / M672 stuff, Here's the current update

  1. Not yet got a response from xorg team and they dropped the status for this Bug to Medium in launchpad.
  2. I'm running on latest release of xorg server and everything works fine.
  3. Latest kernel 2.6.38 also works well without any complaint.
I will keep update if there's other stuff regarding this driver. If you planning to use it until natty warthwal ( for ubuntu users ) i guess it will work. Because they were working for 2D unity using QT Engine which is playing nice with SIS IMHO.