Saturday, February 12, 2011

Linux Compatibility Hardware database from Canonical Ltd.

We must say thanks to Canonical and also  Ubuntu community to help spread the words for Open Source. Just when Nokia decided to stick with Microsoft and abandon Meego Project, Canonical make an announcement about they hardware database which is compatible for ubuntu and also all Linux Distribution. So it's mean that people now can choose the hardware before they install Linux.

Well, it's seem the future of Open Source is getting brighter, and also people will much more easier migrate and using Linux as they main OS. So what we can do as a part of Linux community? Spread the words, and keep friendly for all new comers in Linux world. Don't act like we are super smart human and people who not yet use Linux is a dumb :) that's a very wrong perspective ^^...

Two thumbs up for canonical! Once again, thank you for the innovation & evolution for promoting Linux to the world :)


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