Thursday, February 10, 2011

Save your Hard Drive before it fails!!

First, you will notice that you got a significant improvement speed while using Linux. This case isn't only happen in one distribution, but almost all. I just realize a couple minutes ago while seeing some errors from my new Hard Drive. This drive is still less than 2month with operational hours around 20hrs / day.

I realize that my Drive is quite hot but i thought it was normal. But when i saw an error i take a look at kernel config and all configuration that related to hard drive.

Ok, let's go straight to the point. By default Linux set the Advanced Power Management for Hard Drive at 254 or it's mean in a very high performance. It's mean also cut your hard drive age without any notification at all. Tools that you need to avoid this is hdparm. It's available in all distribution. Let's see a comparation before and after using hdparm. I'm sorry i can't provide the screenshot but you can try it and see the result.

Before using hdparm i've got a HDD temperature between 39-42 Celcius.  After change the APM to the lowest level, i've got the temperature decrease for more than 5 Degree. So it's between 32-35 Celcius. To gain this you must install hdparm and laptop-mode-tools for optional. And change the configuration in it. Because by default, laptop-mode also still keep APM at highest level. I can't see any different in speed when lower down the APM value. 

Here's the simple bash script, you can put it on your autostart programs.

sudo hdparm -B 10 /dev/sda

Simple isn't it? But it can save your dollar ^^ 


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