Monday, February 7, 2011

SIS M671 on Natty Alpha 2

I just finish downloading Natty-Alpha 2 from torrent. I do this just to test if our current driver will work on this release or not. Since Natty will using different version of xorg-server. So i dd the iso to my thumbdrive boot it.

1. The default vesa driver already detected the card and set the resolution @1024x768
2. No more flickering issue.

Ok, here's the bad news. The xorg-server didn't detect the driver and can't open the display. I'm testing using 2 available driver "sisimedia" & "sis671_drv". Both failed, the module isn't prepared for natty xorg-server.

Let's see if we can do something on this issue. So the statement is

Our current driver ISN'T compatible on Natty and all distro that using xorg-server 1.10


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